20-Day Photo Challenge – Day 3 – Inspired by Nature

Once again I let more days pass between photo challenges than I had originally intended. The reason for this is two-fold. First, the weather changed from cool and rainy to hot and humid, meaning it was hard to be inspired to do anything more than veg in the air conditioning. Second, I felt the premise of this challenge – to be inspired by nature – was a bit vague.

The instructions for this challenge merely said to take a nature walk and be aware of the things around you such as flowers, birds, animals, etc. There are two sample photos with this chapter, one was more “artsy” and the other was a landscape. So, I let a few days pass trying to discern what it meant to be “inspired by nature”.

Even though it is still very warm today, I finally decided I should just take a walk with my camera and see what jumped out at me. I just went out back, down the path I normally walk the dogs. Due to all our rain, large sections of the trail are still under water. We haven’t been able to walk the dogs back there for the past few months.  I was smart and wore my knee-high rain boots!

I’m not sure how many of you will appreciate just how hard it is to be inspired by nature while simultaneously being devoured -bite by bite – by clouds of swarming mosquitoes but I did my best. I also came home with plenty of new bites, especially on my hands. I think the shutter finger on my right hand got multiple bites in the same spot! In the gallery below are my six favorites from my outing. (Click on any photo to see a larger version.)

Please be sure to give me your opinions, tips, or tricks in the comment section below. If you would like to join me on the 20-Day Photo Challenge, click the Facebook tab at the bottom of the page and join me on this photographic adventure!

For more on Day 1 – Flower Macro – Click here.
For more on Day 2 – Scenic Landscape – Click here.

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8 Responses to 20-Day Photo Challenge – Day 3 – Inspired by Nature

  1. tootlepedal says:

    The blackberries look delicious. I am sorry about the insects. We have the same problems with midges but they have kept a low profile this year.

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    • There used to be enough blackberries out there – growing “wild” – for us to pick and freeze, but then a few years ago they came through and razed all the wild growth and turned that area into a farm field (corn or soybeans, rotated), so there are only a few blackberry bushes left now.

      If you don’t have mosquitoes in Scotland then you are doubly blessed. But then, I’m not sure if we have midges here, I will have to look it up!


  2. Great photos,I really like these a lot! I think that you’re doing very well with these challenges, keep up the great work!

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  3. kathydoremus says:

    Oooh….love the red body on that dragonfly. Most of mine seem to be blue.

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    • Thanks, Kathy! I don’t know how some people get super-close, sharp photos of them! I had a hard time getting my camera to focus on them, it wanted to focus on all the green in the background. There sure were a lot of them around back there.


  4. Tiny says:

    The Queen Anne’s Lace is my favorite too! The light is just stunning. Well done, Amy!

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    • Thanks, Tiny! Funny, now that I’ve learned more about photography, I’ve gone back and read over my blogs from last year, when we went to Vermont, and I wish I could go back and re-shoot those photos now that I know more of what I’m doing! LOL

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