Celebrating America!

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

No lollygagging around this morning. Mark had seen in the newspaper that there were garage sales north of us going toward Hillman and Long Lake so we ate a quick breakfast and got out the door.

It was a lovely day for a holiday, and for a drive, but the first two sales – which were quite a drive to get to – ended up being a waste of time and gas. Eventually we made our way down to Hillman and then back toward Atlanta. Along Pleasant Valley we finally hit pay dirt. A BIG sale with lots, and lots, and lot of junk. We were there for more than an hour and we both found plenty of things to buy. We came away with two big boxes of treasures for $30! Before we could go home for lunch we had to stop in town at the Baklava Shop for enough shortbread and raspberry thumbprints to get us through the weekend. 🙂

Lunch was eaten out on the porch. Still no birds at the feeders, except for the hummingbirds, which refuse to let me take their picture! After lunch we made a bowl of Mark’s favorite macaroni salad (his mom’s recipe that I’ve been making for 30+ years now) to go with our dinner later and then it was time to take the dogs on their hike.

Mark drove quite a ways over to the area of Rouse and Roth Roads. There are some good trails in this area and we haven’t hiked there in awhile. Unfortunately we didn’t see anything worth taking a photo of, but I did get a picture of the beagles when we stopped to give them a rest. This log was very convenient for looping their leashes over.

The beagles aren't that fond of resting.

The beagles aren’t that fond of resting.

The 4th of July parade was due to start at 6 p.m., so we didn’t have much time to spare between getting home from our hike and heading into town. Really, if you haven’t experienced a small-town 4th of July parade then you haven’t really experienced America!! The parade seemed shorter this year – no Uncle Sam on stilts! But the town was packed with families. It’s always nice to see Atlanta bustling with activity. That doesn’t seem to happen much anymore. I have made a gallery of parade photos.  Really, I must talk to the town council about having the parade start from the other end of town so that photographers don’t have to shoot straight into the sun! 🙂

The parade lasted less than a half-hour and by 6:30 we were heading home for Mark to grill our steaks and to enjoy our dinner out on the porch. The hummingbirds kept us entertained and a couple of hairy woodpeckers finally found the suet.

Dishes needed to be done and then near dusk we headed to town for the fireworks show at the high school. At the end of our road we both noticed the incredible color of the setting sun. I was able to take several photos, but of course they don’t convey the deep colors. This one is about the best of what I took. (Later I read in my new Better Photo Basics book how to get a better sunset photo.)

Incredible 4th of July sunset.

Incredible 4th of July sunset.

For a small town, Atlanta puts on a really good fireworks display. People turn out in droves for the show and the field is always packed with cars. People have fun playing catch or lighting sparklers. It’s fun just to people watch!  Another popular activity is launching Chinese lanterns. Here is a photo of a group of people preparing a lantern.

Group preparing a Chinese lantern.

Group preparing a Chinese lantern.

And here it is floating high in the sky.

Chinese lantern floating into the sky.

Chinese lantern floating into the sky.

I don’t have a tripod (yet) so getting good fireworks photos is impossible. Here is the best of my attempts, of the grand finale. I liked the ghostly look of the “cross” (telephone pole) at the bottom.  Since fireworks only come around once a year, it’s a little hard to practice!

Fireworks grand finale.

Fireworks grand finale.

The barred owl was calling when we got home. It was the perfect grand finale to our All American day!  I pray you and yours had a fun and safe 4th of July!

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10 Responses to Celebrating America!

  1. Tiny says:

    A colorful day, Amy! I’m happy you found two boxes of treasures. I love going to such sales too, but would need a bigger home if I bought more. I like your sunset picture, the colors are beautiful. And the fireworks picture is great taken without a tripod. You have a pretty steady hand 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I hope to invest in a tripod soon. I have a little mini-one and took it and was going to try and set up on the front of our vehicle, but it was too high for me. I decided to just sit in my chair and enjoy the show instead of messing with my camera. 🙂

      My hubby sells stuff on E-bay which is why he goes to a lot of sales. And my house is decorated in vintage 40’s/50’s stuff and I love vintage Christmas, so I always manage to find things for myself. But I am getting to the point where I don’t have room for much more! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

      • Tiny says:

        Almost everything vintage Christmas is beautiful! But I can’t get in more now as we downsized from a huge house moving here to the beach. But it’s wonderful to just browse LOL

        Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, every year we say we can’t buy any more vintage Christmas stuff and then I find something I just can’t pass up! 😀 Even though our house is small we do 2 Christmas trees, one in the living room with family ornaments and then a vintage tree in our dining room with all the vintage lights and ornaments. The first year the vintage tree was small, but every year we seem to get more ornaments so the tree gets bigger and bigger. (We get real trees.)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. As some one who spends all his free time outdoors in the woods, seeing the parade was great as a change of pace, and to remember days gone by when I would watch them, and the fireworks.

    The Chinese lanterns are fun to watch, luckily we’ve had enough rain this summer that they don’t pose as much of a threat to start any wildfires. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have to admit, the Chinese lanterns have always made me a bit nervous because I have this fear of fire and always wondered how they don’t cause fires! It was pretty dry up there over the 4th, so I wondered if they were safe. I heard the people next to us talking about how there have been incidents of them causing fires if they don’t burn out all the way before coming down. They are pretty to watch though, if you don’t think about the hazards! 🙂


  3. tootlepedal says:

    The sunset looked intriguing.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Katie Prunty says:

    Hey Mrs. Corron!! I have three of your books and loved them all!!! A few a few questions about them though. But in a good way don’t worry!


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