Time to Make Some Ch…Ch…Changes

For quite some time now – really since last fall – I have been contemplating making changes to my blog. When I first started here on WordPress early last year, I knew nothing about blogging. It was a fellow author who encouraged me to start a blog and I took her advice even though I had no idea how to blog or what to blog about.

Originally, I thought this blog would be a platform for promoting my books and to talk about writing. But I soon found I really didn’t have much to say on those things. Following the age-old writing adage to “write about what you love”, I began blogging about our adventures in the woods of northern Michigan. My series of novels are called the Northwoods Adventures Series, which is why I often mention those two words. I didn’t put much thought into my blog’s title, either. Since my thought was to promote my books, I chose to use my name and designate myself as an author.

Photography wasn’t even on my radar when I started blogging. At the time I started this blog, I had just gotten a nice camera for Christmas.  When I began following a couple other blogs, I quickly learned that photos enhanced the narrative, so I began adding photos to my journal posts.

As my experience grew and I learned from other bloggers, I realized I needed to improve my photography skills. I also began thinking about changes I wanted to make to my blog. I began to question what did I want this blog to be about? What was my focus? I spent a lot of time researching other WordPress themes, trying to decide if I wanted to change the look of my blog. After some time I came to the conclusion that my current theme works okay for what I’m doing. But I do want to make other major changes. And so….

I have decided to change the name of my blog to something more unique and that better describes what my blog is about. I’m also going to change my tag line.

The new name of my blog is going to be 45 Degrees North (45 degrees is the latitude of our place in the northwoods).

My new tag line is going to read, “Adventures at the Polar Equator and Beyond”. (The 45th parallel is equidistant between the equator and the north pole.)

I also plan to change my gravatar name from novelwriter2013 to my new blog name.

My posts will still be a bit eclectic, though I will blog primarily on our Northwoods Adventures and other travels. Bird, wildlife and other nature photography will most likely take a front seat. Now that my interest in photography is growing, I plan to introduce a new post category with hopefully more interaction with my followers called Photography Forum. I already have my first post planned! I may or may not continue writing occasional book reviews. I have already gone through my archives and deleted many of my early posts that are no longer relevant.

I’m excited about this new chapter in my blogging adventure. I feel very optimistic that I finally have a grasp on what direction I what to travel in the blogosphere. I hope the friends that I have made along the way will continue to follow and interact with me here. And I hope that once I have a firm grasp on this new direction, I will gather a few more faithful along the way. I am truly enjoying the relationships I have developed with others here in the WordPress family.

Thank you all for your patience and support as I fumble my way through this crazy blogging life!

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10 Responses to Time to Make Some Ch…Ch…Changes

  1. kathydoremus says:

    Will you shoot me a message when you officially change names? I want to make sure it keeps appearing in the blogs I follow.


  2. Te great thing about blogging is that it’s easy to change direction as we change direction. My blog started out being about places to hike or kayak, with a few fishing tales thrown in from time to time. Just as you have found, I learned that photos add a lot to a blog, now my blog is more about photography than where I go. But, that’s going to change back soon, as I’m about set for gear, now I’ll talk more about the places that I go.


    • I’ve really learned so much from you and your blog, Jerry. I’ll try not to imitate you too much, but your blog has really helped me grow and learn. I appreciate all the help and advice and the great example you’ve set! I’m learning to embrace change!


  3. Bob Zeller says:

    Amy, I am excited about your new changes. They sound wonderful. Love your new name of ’45 Degrees North’. :-). Looking forward to your new ‘first’ post.


  4. avian101 says:

    That sounds very exciting Amy! Change or renovation is good. I’m impressed by your enthusiasm to accept this challenge. I’m also very confident that you’ll be successful. “Patience and perseverance” applies here too. You can count on this humble follower! 🙂


    • Awwww, thank you H.J! That means the world to me. It’s taken me awhile to “find myself” and figure out what I want, but I’m feeling very positive about this new direction. Thank you for your support, advice and encouragement along the way!


  5. tootlepedal says:

    I look forward to seeing the new you.


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