Swan Lake

In the afternoon of Memorial Day we went back to the small lake that is a mile or so behind our northern Michigan cabin to check on the trumpeter swans that I had seen there.  At one time there had been a dozen swans on this small lake, but on this day we only counted seven.  One swan was off by itself washing and preening.  I thoroughly enjoyed standing there watching this swan as it went bottoms up, barrel rolled, splashed and fluffed.  I almost wish I would have gotten a video of it instead of still photos, as the still photos don’t show the joy the swan was expressing.  I hope you enjoy this gallery of photos I have put together.

Click on any photo to see a larger image and the caption. 🙂

Just a short update on my foot situation.  I mentioned in a couple of my journal posts that I had hurt my right foot and was hobbling around quite a bit during the holiday weekend.  After we returned home I went to my family doctor as the foot was still swollen and very sore.  They ran a blood test to check for high uric acid (gout) which came back in normal range.  I also went for an x-ray which shows no fracture or arthritis.  The best guess is that I pulled the ligaments and/or tendons around the joint of my big toe – probably while squatting down to preschool level at work – and it will take a few weeks to heal up.  Since I very rarely stay still, it may take a bit longer for me.

Blessings to all!  Enjoy your weekend!

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8 Responses to Swan Lake

  1. I loved the swan photos! They have so much fun, almost like a little kid swimming. I guess that it’s good news about your foot, it’s not gout and nothings broken, take care.


    • Thank you! I loved watching this swan have fun, you are right, just like a kid! 🙂
      I’m supposed to elevate, ice and ibuprofen for the foot, plus wear shoes – ugh – I’m a barefoot kind of girl. LOL


  2. Bob Zeller says:

    Great shots, Amy. I have never seen a swan go through so many contortions. 🙂


  3. tootlepedal says:

    Most entertaining.


  4. avian101 says:

    Nice series Amy! Take care, have a great weekend! 🙂


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