A Most-Gracious Review

I was left speechless by a wonderful review written by faithful fan and book reviewer Sherry Kuhn of my latest novel, Saved By Grace.  Sherry wrote this review for her blog Love 2 Read Novels on BlogSpot.  Please check out her wonderful blog!  (Just click the link.)  THANK YOU, Sherry for your positive review and your enthusiasm for my books!

Here is her review in full:

Adam Pearson is on his way home after ten long years in prison. He’s not sure returning to his hometown is the best idea but he would like the opportunity to show his mother, and the town, that God really can change a person; even someone like him. Dr. Grace Ellerton has just earned her doctorate in psychology when her best friend, Jillian, suggests they take an adventurous vacation. While traveling, they run across Adam walking along the road and ask if he’d like a ride. He reluctantly accepts, and they take him home. Jillian and Grace decide to stay in the area for the summer and rent a cottage. That’s where Grace learns about the ranch that wants to help troubled kids. They need a psychologist and Grace realizes that God brought her here. Adam is trying hard to keep his foot on the narrow path and ‘let his light shine’ but it isn’t long before trouble arises that puts Adam under suspicion. Grace wants to believe in Adam’s innocence but she has trust issues. Adam warns Grace that one of the boys she’s trying to help is not safe and admonishes her to be cautious. Can Adam protect Grace? Can Grace keep Adam from going to prison again? Most importantly, can they learn to trust God through even their darkest moments?

WOW! What a powerful story! I could not put it down. I was so happy to see this author writing again and when I realized this was part of the Northwoods Adventures Series, I knew I had to read it right away. Adam Pearson is a teen you meet in book one (Emma’s Promise) of the series. He’s one that you strongly dislike because of what he does to Emma. Can God really change a cold, black, angry heart? We easily say that He can, but do we really believe it? How do we then accept the return of that person into our midst? That’s really what ‘Saved by Grace’ explores. I thought the author did a fantastic job of bringing to light all the feelings and emotions that would surround that type of situation, from both Adam’s perspective as well as those around him. Emma has been a favorite character of mine and in this story she shines bright once again; living out what she says she believes. We should all strive to be like Emma. Grace was an honest and genuine person; you could see why Adam was drawn to her. I have to say, one character I was really disappointed in was Nate Sweeney, a local police officer. You also meet him in Emma’s Promise and he appears throughout the series. I always liked Nate but here I found him to be harsh and quick to judge, especially for someone who says he’s a Christian. Then again, can’t we also be that way? If you’re looking for a great story with living, breathing characters and a powerful message of hope, then I highly recommend Saved by Grace. Actually, I recommend the whole series (Emma’s Promise, Penny from Heaven, Help Me, Rhonda, Winning Becca and Saved by Grace). This author has an easy writing style that will draw into the story and hold you there until the very end. Great job Amy!!!

I am also thrilled to announce that Saved By Grace is now available for Nook through the Barnes & Noble web site!  Please click here to see it on B & N.

We are still dealing with formatting for paperbacks. I appreciate everyone’s patience in this matter!  If you purchase the book, and enjoy it, please remember to leave a positive review.  At least 25 5-star reviews are needed to really keep a book moving and gain interest.  THANK YOU!!

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  1. Sherry Kuhn says:

    You’re SO welcome Amy! It’s an excellent story. Keeping coming my friend!


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