Save By Grace – Sneak Peek #2

Here is the second scene from the first chapter of my new novel – Saved By Grace.  To check out the first scene, click here.  The last scene will be coming soon!

Saved By Grace, Chapter One, Scene Two

“Hmmm, I wonder what his story is,” Grace commented as she watched Adam walk down the sidewalk, head bent down.

“Dark and mysterious,” Jillian observed, pulling away from the curb.  “Look here, the town even has a quaint little motel.  What say you we park ourselves for the night and begin our adventure right here in….what did he say the name of this town is again?”

“Atlanta,” Grace supplied.  “Look, it’s right there on the name of the motel.”

“Ah yes, Atlanta.  Not to be confused with Atlanta, Georgia.”

Grace giggled.  “Not much chance of that, I would say.”

“Not a bit,” Jillian replied.

“Have you been to Atlanta, Gi-Gi?” Grace asked.

“Of course, dearie.  Went with Mum and Dad when Daddy went on business.  Big, big city.  Very hot, very congested.  Heaps of great shopping though.”  Jillian threw a meaningful smile Grace’s way and pulled into the motel parking lot.  “Dad is a very successful businessman.  Good thing, that.”

“Good for you, certainly.”  The two women opened their car doors simultaneously.  “Oh look.”  Grace pointed across the street.  “The Spot of Tea Shop.  That should be right up your alley.”

“Sounds like the perfect place to have breakfast in the morning,” Jillian agreed with a nod.  “Now let’s get checked in so I can wash the travel dust off me.”

Grace suppressed a chuckle.  They had barely been on the road three hours.  She knew with Jillian behind the wheel they would never make it to Far, Far Away.  Thank God.  Grace really wasn’t much for adventures.  She dreamed of nothing more than settling down to a dull, ordinary kind of life in a quiet suburb, going to a nine-to-five job, maybe getting married and having children someday.  It was Jillian who was always searching for the next thrill, her insatiable appetite for adventure and living on the edge never satisfied.  But Grace had to admit this little get-away Jillian had dragged her on was a nice change from slaving away over text books and writing research papers.  A vacation was just what she needed to refresh her spirit and recharge her batteries.  Then it would be home again to find a job with a successful practice.

Within minutes they were checked in and settled in a clean, comfortable room.

“Not the Waldorf, but it will do,” said Jillian, tossing her suitcase on one of the queen-size beds.  She unzipped the suitcase and rummaged around for her wrapper and toiletry case.  “I’m hitting the shower, love,” she informed Grace as she headed for the bathroom.

“I think I’m going to explore the town a little,” Grace replied.  “I’m feeling a bit restless.”

“Ta-ta then.  Don’t get lost.”  Jillian’s deep laughter was cut off by the click of the bathroom door.

Grace stuffed her keycard in her back pocket and grabbed her purse.  Outside the daylight was slowly beginning to fade.  Grace looked around at the quiet town.  A few cars drove slowly past.  Her gaze once more fell on the tea shop across the street.  Looking both ways, she dashed across and headed with purposeful strides down the sidewalk.  The quaint little building was painted lavender and sported spotless, white gingerbread trim.  Wide windows faced the street.  Grace walked to the entrance and glanced at the business hours posted on the door.  The shop closed at four and it was nearly that now.  Grace entered anyway, curious to see what the place was like inside.

A silvery bell rang out as Grace pulled open the door.  The dining room was empty.  She gazed at the small tables that were arranged throughout the front part of the building, covered with starched white cloth.  A glass-fronted counter displayed a selection of baked goods.  A petite woman with dark hair came from the kitchen.

“May I help you?” she asked kindly.  The woman didn’t appear to be too upset at having a customer this close to closing time.

“Um…I’m not sure yet,” Grace smiled apologetically.

“That’s okay.  Here, have a look at the menu.”  The woman slid a menu across the glass counter.  “Take your time.”

“Thank you.”  Grace picked up the menu and scanned it quickly.  “I’ll take two chai lattes to go and two chocolate chip muffins please.”

“Coming right up.”  The woman turned back toward the kitchen and disappeared.

Grace glanced down at the glass counter, noticing several photographs of children taped to the top.  As her eyes skimmed across the top of the counter, her gaze fell on a stack of flyers next to the cash register.  She picked up one of the bright yellow pieces of paper just as the woman returned from the kitchen.

“Here you go.”  The woman set a cardboard cup holder and a white bag on the counter before ringing up the sale on the cash register.

Grace stuffed the flyer in her purse as she dug out her wallet.  She passed the bills across the counter and took up her snack.

“Thanks and come again,” the woman said as Grace turned toward the door to leave.

“Oh, I will.  I’m sure my friend and I will be here for breakfast in the morning.”

“Great, I look forward to seeing you.”

Grace raised a hand in acknowledgment as she pushed through the plate glass door.  Back out on the sidewalk, she looked up the street and once more thought of the man they had picked up, the man who had brought them to Atlanta.  What was his story?  Grace knew there was a story behind those serious, dark eyes.  There was something that lay behind their black depths that spoke of mystery and sadness and, yes, even danger.  Grace shivered and quickly crossed back to the motel.  She would never see Adam again.  He had merely played a bit part in this adventure Jillian had insisted on.  Grace took a sip of her chai latte and gave a groan of pure pleasure.  And he had led her to the best latte she had ever tasted.

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6 Responses to Save By Grace – Sneak Peek #2

  1. I’m not sure that this would be a book for me, but I can appreciate how well written it is so far, as are your blog posts.


  2. 🙂 Haha! Thank you! I agree that most of my fans are women. I was surprised when I first started writing that I acquired quite a few male fans, mostly because they can relate to the setting (up north) and the mystery in the plot. Also, I don’t do kissy-kissy romance, that makes me squeamish! 😀


  3. Kathy says:

    I am hooked. Give me more!!!


  4. avian101 says:

    You’re doing fine Amy! 🙂


  5. Thanks, H.J.!! That means so much to me!!


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