Too Soon, The End

Northwoods Journal

Monday, May 27, 2013

Usually we always go into town on Memorial Day for the parade and the wreath laying in the township park, but it was just too hard to get five people ready with just one tiny bathroom, so we missed the festivities today.  I feel a little bit guilty for not honoring the veterans on this very important day.  I did spend some time thinking of those who have given their lives for our freedom, including those from my own family.

We planned a cookout for mid-afternoon so Katy and I ran into town for a few items at the store, then Mark and I took the three beagles for a quick walk up the ridge across the road.  They did some logging up in there a few years ago so there are some trails cut out around the hills.  Mark found a really nice pudding rock and managed to heft it all the way back to the trailer while I led the three dogs.  Back at the cabin he lit the grill and I started meal preparations.  It all turned out delicious; BBQ chicken, some fabulous corn-on-the-cob, melon and fried potatoes.

After lunch the kids had to start packing up to head home.  They knew they would have bad traffic, and back-ups at Saginaw where you have to detour around the Zilwaukee bridge going south.  Their visit with us went much too fast and before we knew it, they were pulling out of the driveway.  It seemed so still and quiet after they left.

Mark and I loaded up the dogs and went to look at some property that is for sale.  The cabin was cute as could be and the property – 16 acres – was really nice.  But, the big downside is that the eastern edge of the property is only about 50 yards from M33 and we could hear the traffic.  So, a bit of a disappointment.  We found a trail near Elk Valley and walked the dogs then hurried back to the cabin to feed them and get into town to meet my nephew for dinner.  My nephew is a sheriff’s deputy in Mio and wanted to come up for a visit and see our place.  We met at the Know Good Pub but the guy had given all his employees the day off so the kitchen was closed.  So we went to Coach’s Corner, and there was only one woman working – waitressing, bartending, cooking and bussing tables all by herself!  We didn’t mind the wait, so had a pizza and enjoyed our visit.

One last campfire after my nephew headed home.  As I sat back in my chair, staring up at the trees silhouetted against the darkening sky, I felt a terrible heaviness settle over my heart.  I had to keep telling myself over and over, “this is not the end, it’s only the beginning”, but it always feels like summer is over before it really starts.  June and July are looking to be busy months with many commitments, so we probably won’t get back to the northwoods as often as we normally do.  Even the spring peepers weren’t peeping, as if sensing my increasing despondency.  The trill of a wood thrush was the only thing to break the nighttime silence.

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2 Responses to Too Soon, The End

  1. mylivoniaranchhome says:

    I can almost feel your sadness at having to leave and head back to the other reality of your life. How wonderful for you though that you have your piece of heaven waiting for you when you have the time to visit. I LOVE up north Michigan. Is there a more serene and beautiful place???


  2. I certainly haven’t found one! We’ve traveled a lot but my favorite place is still up north! It’s always so hard to leave and come back to “real life” but I’m thankful to know we can return to our little get-away in the woods next month. I would love to live up there, but we’ve yet to find a way to earn a living.


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