The View From My Window

I am not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination.  I have a pretty nice Kodak camera and some great Windows software that cleans up my photo attemps quite nicely.  My home in south-east Michigan is perched on the edge of suburbia, kind of sandwiched between town and rural farmland.

I’m a bit of a bird-brain, spending far too much money on bird food of every kind.  I scrub and re-fill my birdbath daily in the hot weather and then spend way too much time in front of my window with my camera, enjoying my feathered friends.  I thought I would share the view from my window with you and encourage you to take a moment to look out your own window.  No matter where you are located, I bet you can find something beautiful beyond the glass.

These photos are mostly from this spring, except one of the sharp-shinned hawk. There’s still snow on the ground in that photo.  But hey, it’s Michigan, it could be spring!


Click on any photo to see an enlargement.

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4 Responses to The View From My Window

  1. The quality of the photos isn’t as important as learning about all the wildlife whose space we’re sharing. Most people have no idea what lives just outside their door.


    • I always feel a little bit sad for the people who go through life with blinders on, never taking the time to look at the beauty around them. To me, there’s just so much to see and experience and learn about no matter where you live.


  2. Bob Zeller says:

    A very nice collection of birds. Isn’t birding fun??


    • I just love it, especially when I can see so many different birds right outside my window! I forgot to add the picture of the wild turkey to the gallery. There was one eating by the bird feeders just a few days ago! It’s wild here in rural suburbia!


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