Hope Deferred

Daisy the beagle

Our beloved Daisy

Sometimes, plans change.

Such is the case with us and our plan to head to our northwoods hide-away today.  Several factors figured in to our decision to postpone our trip by a week.

First is our beloved beagle, Daisy.  For a few weeks she has been gimping around the house on 3 legs whenever she gets up.  It only lasts maybe 30 seconds, but when it persisted, we decided a trip to the vet was in order before the big hiking season started.  So, off to the vet we went last night.  He believes she has a sprained knee, and shouldn’t need surgery at this time, but he said we have to limit her activities for the next two weeks while she’s on an anti-inflammatory and ice packs twice a day.  Daisy LOVES to walk.  She lives for her daily exercise and when we are up north, she insists on at least two hikes a day.  It didn’t seem like a good idea to go up and then not be able to take her out on the walks she enjoys so much.

Second factor is the weather.  It is cold, windy and rainy here in southern Michigan, but they are getting snow in the north.  The forecast for the weekend was cold, in the 30’s, with snow showers.  I’m making great progress on the new novel and wouldn’t mind being cooped up indoors with my laptop, but Mark is a different story.  When we are up there, he wants to be active and the weather just didn’t look like it was going to cooperate.

Finally, we both agreed we just didn’t have peace about this trip.  We both wanted to go, but something in our gut just didn’t feel right.  The last time that happened, and we ignored that inner warning, we ended up having truck troubles near Ypsilanti and had to turn around and come home.  We are learning to trust our instincts.

I am disappointed to say the least.  I am homesick for my little cabin in the woods.  But, one week is not too long to wait.  After nearly five months, what’s another 7 days?  Our adventure is delayed, but not indefinitely.  And hopefully, a week will make all the difference when it comes to our dear Daisy and the weather.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life. Prov. 13:12

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